The Kremlin Playbook (Review-Updated)

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to read the analysis entitled “The Kremlin Playbook”, published by Center for Strategic and International Studies–CSIS. It certainly is a very interesting read for anyone keen on researching the subject of Russia’s growing influence in Europe & within western democracies in particular. However the objective […]

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The BREXIT Tunnel: Jobs Already Leaving (Commentary)

The detrimental effect of BREXIT on business and the economy is slowly becoming reality. It is not just about the BREXIT decision but more importantly its about the negotiation process itself which indicates prolonged uncertainty about the eventual EU/UK trading relationship coming out of this deal. This assessment is based […]

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Lib Dems-BREXIT Transparency

I propose an option that may help steer the government in the right direction during the negotiation process with the EU once article 50 is triggered. The approach of expecting the government to cede to pressure during formal meetings with the PM/Ministers or during parliament questions has/will not work simply […]

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