Articles by: fidelito

"Civility" – On The Brink

While following US elections I came across this interview with Katie Hopkins. Now please excuse my ignorance but I have never heard of/or seen her before. That said I must admit I am not going to loose too much sleep on that because to me it was a lousy introduction. […]

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LibDemVoice without "Lib" or "Dem" or "Voice"

I am very disappointed by the editors policy on the Libdemvoice website. I recently tried to post an article critical of LibDems leadership on foreign policy related matters but the post was not accepted by the editor of the site suggesting that it is too critical to party leadership without […]

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Disinformation-The Real Threat

The threat of Disinformation is real and needs to be dealt with as a matter of government priority. In the good old days of the cold war geographic/information isolation was a mean of controlling hearts/minds. Now it turns out people, through the power of disinformation, have been empowered to live […]

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