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BBC Panorama -Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

An excellent documentary about Russian influence on US elections and history of Trump relationship with Russia. Predictions are not all that rosy for a Trump presidency, but this is all the more important that we go into it more aware/wired into this “unique” situation and the ramifications resulting from it so […]

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"Multiculturalism": The Elephant that Overtook the Room

Defining the Problem There continues to be debate about the value of “Multiculturalism” and whether it has failed to live up to its nobel intentions pertaining to a multiethnic/multicultural society we live in today. Some politicians even pronounce the concept of Multiculturalism as already “Dead”. This is certainly a serious & […]

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Obama's Farewell Speech: Please Listen!

A great speech from a wise leader who I hope (and suspect from this speech) will continue to play a key in revitalising the Democratic party while at the same time defending liberal/democratic values over trends of nationalism & xenophobia. The ultra right surely know how influential he can be and […]

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