BREXIT Doom & Gloom or an Experience to be Had

I think everyone following this site knows by now how I feel about BREXIT; for me it’s mainly about the flawed process that has been allowed both deliberately by some and through sheer political incompetence/corruption by others to casually drive us towards the BREXIT doors. With that said though there is a silver lining to all of this which is that we need this experience to allow us the reality check many have been craving for and an opportunity for Liberal parties to get their act together or bite the dust and make room for new parties/independent politicians to help make viable options for the future. We also need to understand for many politicians on the extreme right BREXIT is the first step to dismantling completely our relationship with the EU by taking – among other steps – every opportunity in this transition process to play the blame game in order to absolve their responsibility for the mess we’re likely to face. So the battle against extremist policy/politicians (and accountability) continues because I feel that post BREXIT the UK will be under threat of becoming an alt-right wing in Europe; so it is a new and perhaps more critical phase for all of us who take their British/European identity seriously/proudly; for us BREXIT particularly in the way it was managed makes is utterly meaningless. I also hope that the EU leadership is able to make sound judgements based on the ideas mentioned above because BREXIT is yet to be done/dusted – and that’s the only way for the EU to think about it, or at least should think about it.

So BREXIT day may be upon us – but the BREXIT is yet to be resolved (it’s a tough cookie).

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