A “Touche” Moment for the Couple Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz

Of course I mean the couple of Senators unless you choose to get too far ahead of yourself in which case….it’s certainly an option. Anyway a very dramatic take down of the 2 Senators by the brilliant Adam Schiff when they try to ask him a Gotcha question during a recent session of the ongoing impeachment hearings, but as it turned out they’re the ones that got plenty. The main take away from this clip as with many others during these hearings is the fact that while Democrat Impeachment Managers demonstrate impeachable acts by trump the Republican political hacks talk Diversion which in a sense also counts as obstruction of justice by any measure. It’s quite obvious that the system of Checks of Balances ain’t functioning as it should and that is a key vulnerability in any Democratic governance model and what an inopportune moment for it surface.

Anyway;  here goes in Adam Schiff’s own words;

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