The BREXIT Fudge: A General Election on Leadership Choices vs. A People’s Vote on BREXIT Choices

I know we’re pretty much now knocking on the door of BREXIT but it is also important to remember how we got here. I for one believed that the General Election was a kind of a referendum on BREXIT though I always believed (and still do by the way) that a People’s Vote should have preceded any elections – that’s the only logical approach as I previously argued. Now however I believe strongly that having a General Election was a kind of a fudge designed specifically to divert attention from the context of BREXIT and instead focus attention on party leadership options; and as we all know between suspect leadership style/track record of Jeremy Corbyn and the overconfidence/lack of vision of Jo Swinson the choices gave the edge for the Conservatives and though one could argue that Boris is an odd ball himself he had a much stronger hand in this situation. At any rate now we have to face the situation we’re in with a new strategy/determination in defending our British/European identity and not be too obsessed with the past. But with that said we need to make sure that this art of political diversion is not one we should follow because it undermines our Democracy and empowers morally corrupt politicians to make political twists/turns to avoid allowing us direct say on issues quite consequential to our future – even the so called Liberal parties played a devastating role in this mess. We also need to remember as I always repeat in many of my posts on BREXIT that allowing corrupt politics to undermine our Democracy is in and of itself a matter of choice, right?

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