Adam Schiff Brilliantly Makes the Case for a Proper Impeachment Trial

I have been following of the Trump/U.S impeachment conundrum on/off; mainly watching news briefs which also contain clips of the ongoing impeachment hearings. However today I came across this clip of Congressman Adam Schiff in his closing arguments as the Impeachment manager for the U.S. House of Representatives in making the case for a proper trial for the impeachment of donald trump. My intention was to watch a brief portion of the clip but I ended up watching it in its entirety and the reason is simple; a brilliant presentation of the case for a trial not just in terms of arguments for but also exposing fallacy of counter arguments and the overall strategy of the trump council and his gop bedfellows. There were also what seemed to be personal moments for Adam Schiff when talking about his father’s efforts to join the U.S military, but also some humorous moments. All in all this speech demonstrated to me – albeit as an outsider – the depth/integrity of this man which makes him the perfect choice in leading the case against trump who’s like an alien creature as they both seem to have lived planets apart. So however the results of these proceedings turn out to be this is one speech that – again in my opinion – one can learn plenty from not just about Adam Schiff as a politician (it’s kind of comforting to see people like him in politics still carrying the torch) but on how to effectively present a legal argument.


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