Donald Trump and his GOP Bedfellows Preparing to……Scramble!?

Seems like Trumps GOP bedfellows after pushing/shoving to find room on his enormous bed are now deciding to scramble when imminently facing the impeachment battle because it is now a phase of damage limitation. Some argue that the Trump political clan are smart by arguing against the impeachment process rather than defending his actions but I suspect these who argue this are confused between being smart and running out of options. At any rate I also believe that the strategy the clan is adopting may be a bridge too far for the Trump base to follow, so I suspect it may well backfire big time; at least that’s the scenario I would favor 🙂

But away from this mumbo jumbo for a minute and back to the Russian election interference; I think Americans should now see that the Russian election interference actually uncovered so dramatically the political swamp at the dead centre of the Washington political bubble; so STOP complaining and start fixing it and your first port of call is NOT Trump but his bedfellows and make sure to destroy that damn bed for good!
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