Clumsy Mini-Boris Backs U.S. Assassination then Calls for De-escalation in The Middle East (updated)

It is the analogy of the Dumb and Dumber when we talk of Trump and his British clone Mini-Boris when assessing their foreign policy credentials and indeed their actions. But then again we should not be surprised because this is the continuation of the sad British story of blindly following U.S. policy – you know the approach that got us into the Iraq war a few years ago. Now of course the British government follows the same Trump playbook that got us BREXIT and many of us probably know the score of how things will turn out in this Trump style close partnership post BREXIT in terms of how it affects our national interest – but then again it is an experience the country seems prepared to risk. But laying all this absurdity to one side I hope we can all finally agree on a couple of things;
  1. Stirring up a SH.. storm for no plausible reason then calling for de-escalation is in a manner of speaking utterly STUPID, don’t you think? The sheer irresponsibility of endangering Brits security around the world as well as men/women of our armed services just to pay lip service for a criminal act is beyond comprehension. If anyone feels safer now with this ideology of nationalist bigotry that got us Trump & BREXIT please raise your hands.
  2. Foreign Policy as I’ve mentioned in many many previous posts is not a subject matter that should be treated as an afterthought and delegated to complete loonies to take charge of – consider the post image above for a second. We know for a fact  now – NOT in theory – after a few years of Trump and BREXIT that what takes generations to build through hardcore diplomacy seeking national interest takes the likes of Dumb and Dumber a few hours to destroy. So elections have consequences and leaders credentials matter and it’s not just about views on single issues which is why the electoral system we have now is a national vulnerability that needs to be fixed as part a long overdue political reform in this country if are to survive as a United Kingdom.
No matter what you think about the Iranian regime what we know is that deals can be made with Iran it’s just unfortunate that the current U.S administration has decided – with the influence of ME power players – to break that trust created by the Obama administration rather than build on it to resolve many other outstanding issues – this while Europe just watched quietly.

Hope that makes sense and if it doesn’t just consider it my humble contribution to the wealth of disinformation out there.

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