With Recent Middle East Developments; Where is Europe?

OK I can see the region on a geographic map but where does is stand on matters of substance like Values and Policy Vision? We can hear them preach loud and clear on a host of issues related to these matters when the coast is clear but we can’t really see them when it ain’t – it’s like seeing something far away in the distance on a very hazy day and you can’t be sure if this is just an object or a living creature who’s yet to move. This in a nutshell is the state of Europe when it comes to issues of foreign policy – in other words you might see action if you’re lucky when times are convenient but on difficult matters like abuses of power in the Middle East by key players you will likely neither feel nor see any indication of presence of the EU despite the fact that Europe is the most vulnerable to blowback from these conflicts whether it relates to security, migration or just pure economic impact. One thing we know is that politics ain’t easy and can get quite complex but we also know that if you’re not able to stand up for your values with a consistent vision in hard times no one will take you seriously in good times; so in my humble opinion this should be the starting point of focus for the EU before moving on with to the European defense initiatives – after all defense should be guided by a vision otherwise it’s nothing more than additional wasted resources.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complains that European response to Suleimani killing ‘not helpful enough’; well I do so agree with Mr. Pompeo and probably the only statement he made that I agree with though our expectations of EU reaction could not be more different.

PS: No need to panic; turns out EU leaders took to Social Media to complain! Seems this is now the goto approach when tackling difficult issues, so actually keep on panicking!


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