The Assassination of Qasem Soleimani: U.S. Terrorism in the Light of Day

It is kind of odd for this event to occur almost the same day I was planning to post an interesting documentary on political murders committed in the Congo in the early sixties and arguing that these events should be lessons for history; and here we are facing the exact same situation. The big difference this time around of course is that these extra judicial murders are no longer conducted under the cover of darkness through covert/unpublicized action but in the light of day. In my opinion there is no difference between the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and Qasem Soleimani except to the extent of the methods used – both are despicable/cowardly as are all forms of terrorism. This of course does not suggest that I in anyway support Iranian adventurism in the Middle East but nor do I support adventurism by both Western states and Russia that has plagued the region for centuries and is now bringing the region to the brink of implosion. The problem now is that the United States has become a puppet state engaged in proxy wars in the region and with the direct influence of regional power players. This is precisely why a profile like that of Donald Trump poses a security vulnerability/threat at an international level as the leader of a Super Power; someone not driven by any form of ideology (even at an extreme form), value base or expertise that may help temper their strategies which effectively makes them wide open to foreign influence and impulsive/reactionary decisions driven by ego as well as local policy considerations and what a region to be reaping the fruits of this reckless policy model and thanks in no small part to corrupt leaders across the Middle East that are the ultimate beneficiaries of the model because after all the invented it.

The EU in my opinion should do all possible not only to distance itself of this cowardly action by the U.S government but also to take a more proactive role in helping bring stability to an increasingly volatile region particularly with the ignorant child in the White House. Silence from Europe would be a big mistake here!

I will be posting the documentary I mentioned above shortly because I think it is important and quite relevant that we begin to understand how we got here if have any hope in better shaping our future rather than going into the loop of repeating mistakes of the past.
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