A BREXIT Nugget: Election Results – The Liberal Democrats have a Few Questions to Ask Themselves (updated)

After a disastrous performance and irrespective of the spin that’s likely to come out of the party officials here are the real questions that need to be asked;
  1. Are we still counting/bragging about membership numbers and high profile party entrants?
  2. Are we really following true Liberal values when calling for EXIT BREXIT rather than uniting the country through a People Vote’s NOT as a LAST Option but the only option?
  3. More importantly; are we going to learn from our mistakes or follow on with our disastrous path; one which I have constantly criticized in many previous posts?
Let me suggest that this is a make-or-break moment for the party and rightfully so, so we either hit the reset button or just unplug this corrupted device for good.
So what will it be?  As I mentioned before this is by no means entirely the fault of Jo Swinson but no doubt in my mind we a need new/fresh leadership supported by a team all of whom must have the relevant experience if we are serious about our chances of fighting for the values we believe even before considering policy issues themselves; remember now the fight to save this nation is really on with these disastrous election results – no middle ground here. We also need an internal long overdue review of the way we function as a party. Without these changes it will be hard if not impossible to overcome this hopeless situation we all find ourselves in particularly those who gave much of their time/effort campaigning not just for these elections but throughout the last few years. In other words we need to be result oriented but also while reaffirming our own values and what we stand for as a party.
I am angry….I am very very angry not because of a defeat and the mistakes made but because I’ve tried multiple times to reach out to party leadership to change course and as you know I’ve written multiple posts specifically addressed to the party – we should have all seen this coming. Does that mean that the suggestions above would have saved the party; that I cannot predict but what I can predict that we would have been at a much better position had we changed strategy to prepare us for the next phase of the BREXIT challenge.
Just a thought.

Election Update

We understand now that Jo Swinson has resigned as leader of the party having lost her own seat to the SNP. I do feel sorry for Jo but I believe she still has plenty to give to the party with her positive energy she displayed as leader; so once the emotional GE dust settles I hope she continues to play an active role in party politics – remember that painful learning curves is a foundational element in developing a seasoned politician.

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