A BREXIT Nugget: Jo Swinson Walks Back

In a recent interview – link below – it seems that Liberal Democrats Leader Jo Swinson makes an official u-turn on BREXIT by suggesting that best hope scenario for the party now is to support a People’s Vote rather than the EXIT BREXIT non-sense but NOT because it is the right thing to do to unite the country but rather because the party doesn’t seem to have the numbers to form a government come election day. The keyword in this last sentence is numbers which has been the main/only focus for this party for as long as I can remember as mentioned in numerous previous posts. So here is my question to the Liberal Democrats Leadership/members base; for how long will we continue the official party policy of adding/renewing shock absorber pads to our behind until we notice there could be a much easier way – changing the way we do policy by focusing on country & Liberal values rather than numbers? And by the way and just to be clear Jo Swinson should not be entirely blamed for the mess we see ourselves in but rather the party culture which is in desperate need for revision/evolution; in other words we need to make some core internal changes from within before we can become an electable party able to govern; making mistakes is not a problem when resulting from real change because it can only mean that we’re evolving as a party. For this to happen however we need a confident visionary leader supported by a solid/fully committed team that would be able to steer us in the right direction while carrying the entire party with him/her and ensuring the shackles that have kept us static for so long are finally removed for good.
Just a thought.

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