A BREXIT Nugget: Senior British diplomat in US quits with tirade over Brexit ‘half-truths’ (updated)

British Diplomat Alexandra Hall

A senior British diplomat in the US Alexandra Hall has quit with a blast at the UK government over Brexit, saying she could no longer “peddle half-truths” on behalf of political leaders she did not “trust.” Ms. Hall said that her departure had nothing to do with being “for or against Brexit, per se,” but instead was an expression of frustration about how the policy was being carried out. Well Ms. Hall all respect from this end; indeed as I continue to re-iterate it’s all about a flawed process that has done nothing but divide the country, continues to drive BREXIT policy on the basis of narrow ideology rather than facts/compromise and undermine our Democracy/stature around the world. And to compound the problem here we are preparing for a meaningless General Election where parties campaign on issues that are directly tied with how our future relationship with the EU will be yet we’re driving blind going into campaigns/election specifically designed to dilute the potential for a People’s Vote which should have been the first port of call to set direction for the country before any General Election. Yet another disaster coming at the back of this fast track general election is lack of clarity/commitment on the issue of political reform that we desperately need having witnessed in clear view since 2016 the vulnerabilities we have in our archaic governance model – which additionally is the main reason that’s leading to the breakup of the Union – not to mention the security vulnerabilities which is another grave story altogether. I am personally NOT participating in this meaningless sham of an election and would encourage others to do the same otherwise we’re  complicit in undermining/destroying our Democracy.

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