A BREXIT Nugget: The Man at the Helm of the Mob Running the Country Delegates Running His Interviews;…….Wow…..

An absolutely astonishing interview with Mini Boris who – would you believe is in charge in this day-and-age of running this Great Britain of ours NOT some Middle Eastern tribe or autocracy – refusing to commit to important interviews in the heat of a General Election campaign before he gets the green light from power brokers in and/or beyond government; the political minutemen working behind the scenes. I am not at all surprised to be completely honest because as I mentioned in many previous posts; the most significant similarity between Trump/BREXIT territory is the fact that the main players are NOT really the main frontline leaders you see on the screen but rather power brokers – internal & external – behind the scenes that are actually pulling the strings and one day their story will be told and we already know some of them. The main problem though is that by allowing this farce in the form of a General Election to continue we have in effect traded in one flawed process with another and gave the keys to a morally corrupt/incompetent group of politicians from all parties who have led us into this mess in the first place rather than taking charge by demanding a People’s Vote so we can drag them back on track and save the country before turning back to them to start an accountability process to cleanse the system from the like of sweet Mini Boris and his Labour rival specialized in manufacturing gigantic “Options” tables.
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