A BREXIT Nugget: A Pointless Debate for a Pointless Election and a Lib Dem Leader Undermined in the Process

Let me first say that I did NOT watch the BBC Question Time debate last night because as mentioned in numerous posts including the one below this is a sham process that leads us to nowhere near resolving the BREXIT nugget as I explained in that post below and many others – no need to rehash here nor repeat my suggestion for a viable way forward. As for Jo Swinson the leader of the party I support I am not at all surprised by her performance because I suggested previously she turned out to be a Care Taker rather the Visionary leader I was hoping for when I voted for her. She has become part-and-parcel of an old establishment that is partly responsible for the mess we’re in. With that said she cannot be blamed entirely for the environment she’s been shaped by but it is clear that the focus on the generational gap alone does is not sufficient criteria to make a leader; so as I said before the Liberal Democrats continue the path of being the Party of Missed Opportunities though it gives me no pleasure to say it. What we need is a serious review of how we function as a party, what we stand for and the values we hold – this alone is a sufficient approach to help revitalize the party and make it electable for a change – NOT the current methodology of counting membership numbers/bragging about high profile entrants from other parties or demanding the country take our leader seriously when posing as the next PM with no strategy to unite the country but rather one that exacerbates existing divisions. It is very likely that post this BREXIT mess we will see a revamp of political parties in this country very soon and whether the Liberal Democrats survive these changes is a matter of choice for current/future leaders as well as for the members themselves who need to demand change.

This election is the mother of all diversions; so while Jeremy Corbyn is still assembling the ginormous All Options Table in seeking the Premiership, Jo Swinson  seeks to impress by her fancy bus that she intends to drive through all but Remainers and Mini Boris just keeps his fingers crossed that this confusion continues – we the public are all but sidelined on the key issue we face today. Democracy is NOT just about Choices but more importantly it’s about Choices that matter.

Finally just to say that the one positive thing coming out of this TV debate is that we need more of them because they do expose/challenge political leaders rather than having them hide behind their support base or behind parliament walls because they need to remember who they’re accountable to and that we aren’t all that dumb.



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