A BREXIT Nugget: I am A Liberal Democrat and I Ain’t Voting

Democracy is certainly about active participation in the political process and voting is obviously a big part of that – this much is entirely clear. But for active participation & voting to have a meaning there needs to be a basic set of criteria which in my opinion are lacking in the upcoming elections and here’s why;
  1. The belief in a Leadership and/or a Vision: Non of the existing leaders has a vision that is inclusive/capable of resolving the BREXIT Nugget. The one vision that would have resolved this issue is a People’s Vote which has become diluted and seems quite unlikely to happen. In other words the election has become more of a diversion to avoid at all cost the people of having their say on the most consequential issue we face today which is BREXIT. In the case of the Conservatives and Labour this approach is by design and unfortunately in the case of the Liberal Democrats it is more about inexperienced leadership that is overplaying the “generation card” of the new leader and her leadership style rather than delivering a pragmatic vision forward – yet another missed golden opportunity for the party to make into the big league.
  2. A Logical/Fair Process that Delivers Sustainable Solutions: It is absolutely absurd for us to be discussing things like the NHS, Education the Environment and all he rest of it when we do not yet know the answer to the single question that would impact each one of these areas not just in terms of budget/funding, but also in terms of standards, effect of migration on staffing/recruitment – in a nutshell the socio-economic and even security impact of the BREXIT decision. In other words the flawed process that got is here will be the same old flawed process that we depend on to plan our future; this is crazy. We need to resolve BREXIT first before having an election otherwise our choices are utterly meaningless. Beyond that what level of confidence in the integrity of the process can one hold when you see the current mob in charge doing all possible hide the report of Russian meddling in the previous referendum until after the election; it is truly astonishing that this is allowed to fly while we’re munching popcorn – truly a Popcorn Democracy.
So to all of you excited of having your voices heard come election day – don’t expect much out of it beyond the same ol same ol. Here’s the lesson we need to remember; Democracy ain’t cheap/needs to be earned and protecting it in this day-and-age is hard work; inevitably taking action or NOT is a matter of choice and we have no one else to blame.
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