A BREXIT Nugget: The Liberal Democrats & the SNP Torpedo the People’s Vote

Providing a lifeline for Mini Boris in the form of supporting an early election all but dilutes the call for a People’s Vote and instead furthers uncertainty while kicking the can down the road yet again and here’s why; an election will not resolve this nugget and People’s Vote will be necessary irrespective because no side will concede until their voices are heard loud/clear away from the political shenanigans. So logic says let’s get direction from the public then build on from there because the future of this country will become much clearer/much sooner. In fact diluting the People’s Vote is exactly the strategy adopted by hardline Brexiteers in government and beyond and they’re more than happy for us to follow the cause. It is truly unfortunate that – the so called – Liberal parties do not seem to have the leadership with the wisdom necessary in these difficult unprecedented times to guide us towards the right path; one that unites the country rather than exacerbate this situation we find ourselves in; we are indeed here for a good reason because so long as we the public are still crashing on the couch having popcorn and allowing this farce to continue we should not complain when the …. eventually hits the fan.

At this point & time in our history I’m neither a Remainer nor a Brexiteer but a Democrat that calls for the People’s Voice to be heard without filters or misrepresentation irrespective of choice “period”


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