The GOP Thugs Perform a Stunt to Protect Their Master Thug

We should no longer be astonished to see the GOP (Grand Old Party) transitioned to the TOP (Trumps Own Party). In a way it makes perfect sense because they’ve staked too much political capital on this master thug and they know full well that if he falls they’re go’n down with him so they’re finally blink considering the impeachment train is on track and in full steam ahead. In a nutshell they’ve magically transformed conservative politics from ideology to merely a policy of self preservation so like children they just mess around when they know their choices are limited. I guess it’s right/proper to let them continue to make fools of themselves ignoring their childish pranks/treating them for what they are rather than taking them seriously while focusing solely on the Impeachment process while protecting its integrity as well as ensuring fair/due process & transparency while preventing cowboy obstructions – taking these pranks seriously would be a mistake in my opinion by validating them.
On the other side of the globe however there is of course Putin who is making good in filling the vacuum created in the Middle East while the U.S is focused on Trump who’s now used as the shiny object while the shiny object for the EU remains that same old BREXIT nugget that doesn’t for the moment seem possible to chew. I am fairly certain that Putin’s efforts will eventually amount to very little strategically because the EU and the US continue to have a a much stronger hand in this strategy card game – whether it relates to military, political and economic influence – but they’re too busy shooing the flies off their face than focusing on the game. But of course nothing should be taken for granted and all needs to be done to minimize the damage.

Oooooh, what a unique Love Affair (quite true to say that when the new generation speaks some are Inspiring while others are just Dribbling

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