A BREXIT Nugget: What a Waste!

There is not really much one can say beyond what was said in previous posts about current state of affairs in the country – as every day now translates to a new low in British Politics –  beyond 2 things that are worth remembering;
  1. Jeremy Corbyn is not the savior that he and others may think/want to project; as a matter of fact Jeremy Corbyn and UK Labour in general are a big part of the mess we face today and I hope history will honor him with the debit her deserves.
  2. The theatrics in Parliament are nothing but a waste of Time, Resources and more importantly Reputation of this country that has taken generations to develop. Nothing at all to do with BREXIT or NO BREXIT but rather a set of rogue politicians who’s limited scope of vision is preventing them from seeing the real damage they’re doing to the country. Why? Because they’re stuck on the details of the deal without considering the flawed process that got us here and continues to drive the politics in this country with the absurd expectation that once all is signed off people will move on – I suspect that’s a big miscalculation.

The one thing we should take out of all this mess – and I hope we can all agree at least on this point – that we have failed miserably as a country to build genuine leaders not only with the necessary traits of vision/wisdom but also when it comes representing the values we once thought were part and parcel of our national identity. We are now in desperate need for the leadership that once again re-affirms these values and put us back on the right track and get these political hacks out of the system.

As for the EC President Mr. Juncker suggesting that BREXIT has been a waste of time, let me respectfully suggest to him and Mr. Michel Barnier that the EU has also contributed to this wasted time by not demanding a more inclusive format of negotiations that ensures any agreement would hold particularly after multiple rounds of failed setbacks caused by political division. So I guess there is a lesson to be had for the EU here as well in terms how to conduct negotiations in similar situations; not to mention their deafening silence on the issue of a People’s Vote at least as a matter of principal.


The Talk of a General Election before a People’s Vote is Further Waste of Time and Leads to Further Divisive Politics


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