A BREXIT Weekend Nugget: The British Schizophrenic Child Sends Mixed Messages to the EU

We all know of course of Split Personality Disorder but when there is little in the way of a fully developed personality as you begin to grow this situation we find ourselves in must a new phenomenon altogether. The problem here of course is that when this person is involved in running (more like being left to ruining a nation) then fear NOT of BREXIT but just for the sheer fate of the lucky people living on this big island of ours. If I was advising the EU I would suggest asking for an adult to communicate with because it’s now getting silly to the extreme sense of the word.

With that said though it was truly inspiring to see the street demonstrations yesterday calling for a People’s Vote and if any doubt have a look in the clip below at this incredible campaigner who unpacked BREXIT in a way no politician on either sides of the argument was able to do – that’s what I call inspiring activism for the country NOT for partisan politics/narrow ideology. This call should be supported by all sides because it ensures there is indeed a clear mandate based on clear options and people can make up their minds based on facts once and for all. I would encourage Liberal parties and MP’s from all sides to do 3 simple things for the sake of this country for a change;

  1. Agree for a People’s Vote and any necessary extension from the EU to help make this happen
  2. Ensure there is independent review/clarification on all options and possible ramifications so that all is unpacked without any political bias.
  3. Ensure integrity of the process to avoid/minimise influence (internal or external) with the help of our security services along with a firm commitment from all parties NOT to engage in any form of disinformation campaigns.

As for the child, let’s all do what we can to keep him safe/monitored in a room and a few toys to keep him busy while we try and fix his and his predecessor’s mess.

Alright Mr. Tusk; How much time have you got??

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