Mick Mulvaney’s Shock & Ouch Strategy Turns into Tragedy

tinman.jpgNow that’s a tricky one; but how dumb do you actually have to be like going into a battle field with your comrades and tossing a hand grenade backwards injuring your forces. This in a nutshell is exactly what Mick Mulvaney White House Chief of Something – did in admitting that there was indeed a quid pro quo in getting dirt on Trump’s political opponent from the Ukraine government after weeks of denial from this so called U.S. administration though I see little evidence of that. So what Mick Mulvaney is suggesting here is that in politics quid pro quo is a legitimate strategy; well yes of course Mr. Tin Man (sorry but he reminds of this character in the Wizard of Oz) but not when it involves allowing another nation to interfere in your election and gather dirt on your political opponent. Everyday I have the expectation that in politics when it comes to Trump Land (or BREXIT Land for that mater) I will cease to be shocked so I can begin to live a normal/quiet life again – but the juice just keeps coming.

Amazing times but it would be wise not let the shock prevent us from moving forward and eventually turning the page of these dark chapters in our political history and I continue to believe that political activism is needed now more than ever to make this happen – NOT the Couch

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