A BREXIT Nugget: The Checks & Balances of the BREXIT Deal

So finally we have a DEAL. Wow, so exciting to feel this hair raising sensation in my body only to discover that actually I am standing too close to a huge exposed electrical cable. Here is the real deal in a nutshell; 

  1. Checks: Building an enormous bureaucracy of Border checks on the western border along with the costs involved covered eventually by the tax payer.
  2. Balances: Well that’s the great part; we get many things and the EU gets only 1 thing;
    1. We get to loose a major trading parter in the hope that eventually we’ll make up many.
    2. We get to build/fund gigantic bureaucracies to handle product/trade regulations that will need rigorous control to keep synced/updated with trading partners  from around the world; so should be fun to manage and fund.
    3. We get to build/fund gigantic bureaucracies to handle border controls to give the impression of controlling immigration while at the same time creating sophisticated tunnels linking to regions near/far used for creating under the hood migration deals that act as incentives for trade deals which now become a lifeline for the country. 
    4. We get to pay exit bill to the EU. 
    5. They get the meagre exit bill (but well they’re eager); one that is potentially sealed with kiss – or without (I’m sure they won’t complain). As a matter of fact I think that after this shambolic process our genius politicians have engineered the EU will prefer it without a kiss – thank you very much.

You see, all this doesn’t bother me as much as the flawed process that continues to this day to do all possible to bypass/suppress the people’s voice. But then again if we prefer the couch rather than demanding a People’s Vote then by definition we’ve exercised our right in a semi-referendum and we chose the couch.

Finally let me just suggest that if this deal is allowed to go through without a People’s Vote the leaders of the opposition parties, if they have any integrity left – should resign and make way for others that can better represent a viable alternative vision forward whether in or out of the EU because a big part of where we are today is due directly to their failures.

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