A BREXIT Nugget: Philip Hammond and the Binary Choice

 A very interesting interview with Philip Hammond; a man that I do respect and one that does certainly have a common sense view on BREXIT– that is to a point. While I do so agree that future relationship with the EU is key to any agreement reached I have a few problems with some of his arguments so here goes;

  1. The core argument for having in the first place BREXIT is to strip away all (if not most) of our connections with the EU at least for the majority of people who votes leave – at least that’s the assumption and we’ll come back to this term later.
  2.  Though as I mentioned I do respect Mr. Hammond we also have to remember – after all it wasn’t long ago – that he was part of a government that engineered a biased, flawed, divisive and secretive process that got us essentially to where we are today. So no points scored there – just for the record.
  3. It is kind of absurd/fanciful for Philip Hammond to hit on having a People’s Vote because it produces a binary choice when BREXIT itself is based on the exact same binary choice; the only difference now of course is that we know exactly what we’re getting into. With that said I am no fan either of Referendums but if we where to do away with them we have to start from point 0 by revoking article 50 and let the parliamentary democracy itself resolve this issue; but I gather this could be tricky to implement at this point/time.
  4. Now back to the assumption bit above; how is it plausible to drag the country into one of the most consequential decisions in its history based on assumptions for one party or another about the public support – or lack there of – of a constantly morphing objective that was born a general concept but now has developed into something more tangible that some would argue was not what they signed off on; not to mention the developments that’s taken years to materialise and now some may a different perspective on this issue altogether either for or against. In other words why the rush towards the exit doors before having a People’s Vote on this issue. The answer is actually quite simple; it’s all about narrow ideology that has hijacked the process and seeks to get to the state of mission accomplished – but let me suggest here as I have in previous posts the mission will never be accomplished in this manner unless we’re talking about a constant headache for the country that will eventually take them down hard and possibly the country with them – so NO end of story here.

As I mentioned many times my concern is NOT at all about EXIT BREXIT or BREXIT At Any Cost, but rather about our Democracy and how we do politics in this country. Whatever people decide now when all the facts are in – if they are able to –  would be a matter of an Informed Choice and that’s something I can certainly live with. 

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