A BREXIT Nugget: The British Child Holding the Country Hostage (updated)

The strategy is simple and one I’ve mentioned before again and again; kill time either through inaction or useless action while applying a deliberate effect and playing on another effect which is consequential;

  1. Deliberate Effect: Playing the blame game with the EU to try and disown the consequences of a no-deal BREXIT
  2. Consequential Effect: Playing on the BREXIT fatigue that is creeping up with this prolonged game so that people eventually would want to just get on with it.    

That’s the strategy – and may I add another flawed strategy that’s main focus is the EXIT Doors, but then it falls on it’s face like a retarded child racing towards the window thinking he’s about to fly only to be hit by the glass barrier that stops and injures him instead. This is the governance philosophy of extremist alt-right politics whether BREXIT, Trump Lego Land or others where the focus is not about workable solutions to actual problems but rather hit-run operation from a non-existing threat while causing long term damage in the process. 

My main concern however as mentioned in previous posts that this flawed process is causing damage to our relationship with the EU so my suggestion to EU leaders to help minimise this is NOT to play the game with the British child and let him play alone without the theatrics he seeks because the EU should hedge its bet on the medium term ramifications NOT the short term actions; so I would suggest there’d be no further comments about frustrations or disappointments or involvement in useless/non-meaningful  negotiations or extensions – just stating facts when the child seeks to lie while being transparent about what’s going on. In my opinion if this mob running the country is intent on a no-deal BREXIT they should be encouraged and no effort should be made to make their landing soft because it may be a lesson that needs to be had, not only for the hardliners but also for the completely impotent opposition that has done little to steady the ship (if there is little imagination to BREXIT there is no imagination for uniting the country on another path though I previously suggested alternatives in previous posts); in other words tough experiences/hard lessons are sometimes necessary for children to grow up and it may well prove a useful example for others who once thought to follow suit which could eventually serve to strengthen the European project NOT undermine it. We need to consider that even if the UK maintained it’s membership in the EU the current broken political system would translate to it being the weakest link which would continue to undermine the EU itself. I hope things do change but this will NOT happen without experiences necessary and a revamp of political leadership and more importantly new politics. This may NOT necessarily take much time, but once the path is set by a visionary leader all chips will swiftly fall in place away from the hype of the moment stoked by the alt-right of the moment.

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