As a Wise Man Once Said: You’re Perfectly Entitled to Your Own Opinion But NOT to Your Own Facts (updated)

zJake Tapper of CNN brilliantly fact checks whistleblower claims by Trump and his hackerslink below. I would suggest that today more than ever we need to consistently factchecking information and their sources considering the garbage that’s consuming our lives on air and online due to the vulnerabilities we’ve uncovered in our info system. But with that said this should only be he beginning of a comprehensive review of these vulnerabilities and ways to address them whether it be through legislation that penalises deliberate disinformation or by regulations that ensure protections against these efforts and the ability to uncover them early when they do occur; this is particularly important when emitters of these campaigns are public servants or individuals of influence. There needs to be a swift/effective process in place to deal with this issue once and for all; one  that should be constantly/regularly reviewed – because this should be considered an issue of national security. Rather than focusing on/demonising leakers/whistleblowers emitting accurate/verifiable information we should begin by questioning politicians and other actors that seek to destroy our Democracy from within by deliberately or out of sheer ignorance engaging in disinformation campaigns however high in the political/influence chain they may be; this is after all a destructive strategy we can expect from adversaries not politicians or other internal actors. Terms like; to the best of my knowledge, from what I understood, not aware etc.. should not be taken at face value but rather based on consistency of action and on track record of the individual concerned to establish context. The idiotic concept that Corey Lewandowski came up with during his testimony in Congress of not being obliged to be honest with media is absurd because once you’re in a public forum you are indeed obliged not to engage in disinformation (or that should be the case) – the media has got nothing to do with it; 

The take away I guess is that with every passing day we can see in real time the damage Disinformation continues to have on our political eco system proving to be the ticking time bomb from within – so we need to fix it while we can and the start would be by seeing these actions and judging them for what they are – no if’s or but’s. We should after all be running a country NOT a mob; the motto should be – Give us the Facts NOT Your Interpretation of them.

I would very much hope that the EU can take a leading role in this effort in terms of regulation/legislation because focusing on Private Data Protection without putting forth controls that ensure the quality of Public Data/Information is not compromised is an effort to deal with one side of the Info Vulnerability coin.

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