Donald Trump Urges China to Investigate his Political Rivals – and the List Grows

OK, we have Ukraine, Australia and now China; I think at some point we’ll need to start searching for countries he didn’t actually call on to solicit help with this matter. But then before we begin the search lets ask the question; where the hell do we find the time to find that swamp he wants to drain? Quite a few posts ago I suggested that Donald Trump represents a national & international security risk; I have to admit I was wrong. The risk is not from Donald Trump but rather the system the produced and now supports Donald Trump and has been swiftly replicated in other countries to one degree or other including here in the UK. Trump himself is a hack – and not even a political or even business hack but just a hack – nor does he subscribe to any ideology near or far; in other words kind of like a pointless invention that does nothing but consume space and making a mess around it. America would certainly do better with less focus on this character/politics and more on challenging his hackers…. I mean backers in Congress and on how to build better protections to hard earned values that have been stained beyond recognition in the hope that difficult lessons of the past 4 years are learned and vulnerabilities secured. The one thing that I was right about is that Donald Trump’s mouth will eventually lead to the demise of Donald Trump; speaking of which we suddenly as if by magic discover that the search trail for that swamp gets very warm indeed.

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