A BREXIT Nugget: Ain’t Nothing Liberal or Democratic Judging from the current Trajectory of the Liberal Democrats

This coming from a Liberal Democrat/Remainer – but I was absolutely blown away by the news – seemingly old news now though I’ve just learned about today – that Liberal Democrat MEP’s have written to the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker asking him not to cooperate with the current British government in delivering a BREXIT deal. The actual content of the letter is even more shocking and demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the party has been taken over by extremists politics that do nothing but further undermine this country and the Liberal values I thought we’re supposed to be defending as a party – NOT follow the Conservative/BREXIT party example of backdoor/divisive politics driven by narrow ideologies. Now I’ve been critical about the party approach for some time now as you can gather from previous posts, but this action takes this anger/frustration of mine to yet another level. This party needs different politics that is consistent with what it stands for but unfortunately the current leadership seems to have completely lost its way and as always we will eventually pay the price for such foolish strategies.

So as a Liberal Democrat member – so far – and a firm Remainer I just wanted to make the point that I firmly oppose these disgusting tactics. My position continues to be quite clear; we should not call for forcing through neither BREXIT nor EXIT BREXIT but rather making the argument for Remain while allowing the people to have their say on all options “period”; this while trying to unite the country and calling for the reform of our political system and the way we do politics in this country.

Finally let me also comment on a more recent leaked Tory Memo suggesting that it orders Conservative MPs to call the EU “Crazy” if it rejects current proposal by Boris Johnson – link below to article and memo. Again the memo’s content in my view does not indicate any orders and I wouldn’t care guessing about the intentions. Let me end by suggesting that whether intentionally or not we’re feeding off an extremely toxic political environment which is precisely why we need wise politician with the right set of priorities to guide us out of this political mess we find ourselves in; unfortunately I see non on the horizon.

Hope this helps

PS I might make further updates to this post later today

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