The Art of BS by The Masters of BS

It is truly amazing to watch these exchanges in the clips below but only while totally ignoring the politics at hand can we see clearly the art of BS completely/unfiltered and without any distortion. Here is the tactic – at least in my humble opinion – which involves 3 simple/specific steps; 

  1. Focus on discussing only the elements of the topic that suits your narrative without dissecting it when you know you’re on the loosing side of the argument, then deliver punch lines to your political base.
  2. If during the conversation you feel cornered, change focus onto a different subject that makes your case – primarily by throwing dirt on opponents hoping it will stick or at least service your base.
  3. LOOP   

If you have time I would encourage you to watch some of these clips and try to focus on the pattern of the conversation rather than on the politics and you will find some consistency in the approach. 

The thrust of the argument I am making here is quite simple and something I mentioned in previous posts; we need to be more critical thinkers and assess the arguments/views that are thrown at us by politicians otherwise we become pawns in a loosing battle because their influence on us is their power and the less effort they can get away with to achieve their objectives the better; so they promote fear/emotions to divide and encourage divisive politics so that their base follows without questioning their real motivations/allegiances .

So here go’s;

BS Artist U.S. Senator Jim Jordan

BS Artist Stephen Miller

BS Artist Iain Duncan Smith

Here Iain Duncan Smith contributes to this BS pattern but unfortunately the program anchor Sophie Ridge failed miserably to challenge him on many of his talking points related to the Conservative party representing centrist policies while conservative MPs that do no follow party lines are deselected, shutting down parliament on false pretences, or throwing dirt of antisemitism/extremism on Labour among many others; and all this when there is to date no government alternate BREXIT proposal beyond falling off the BREXIT cliff despite the time/resources wasted and more importantly the high probability of economic down turn that will follow such a scenario. I just wish Sophie Ridge did a better job in unpacking his lies/misrepresentation of facts.

Bottom line is that we need to be more aware of the messaging that seeks to sink us into the political swamp and make sure we make judgement based on facts filtering out ideological narratives trying to distort them. We also need to make sure that we understand the ends don’t justify the means; in other words process matters and if it is flawed or has been undermined we need to evaluate our options away from the political swamp because friends there is no Art in BS it’s just purely BS.

In brief I feel that for us to change politics we need to change how we consume politics.

What do you think?

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