U.S Politics in Inaction: The Evolution (or Devolution) of Senator Lyndsey Graham

Like a blockbuster movie that combines the genres of Animation, Satirism, Comedy, and Suspense all jammed together; that’s the amazing story that keeps changing, twisting & turning but most of all giving; this is The Evolution (or Devolution) of Senator Lyndsey Graham. Senator Graham is an incredible piece of work because he embodies so vividly the political bureaucrat that is in politics for all the wrong reasons; at least in so far as we were raised to understand it being a Public Service. I love his cowboy accent but that’s far as it goes unfortunately. This man and his evolution should really be studied in Political Science textbooks as a work of art that reflects so clearly a broken political establishment that has all but lost any sense values we once thought were unshakable. On the other hand and as a work of art there must be some other kind of value in there somewhere but it will take a little more time for us to find it or at least find substantiated evidence of it. Want to talk Ted Cruz, you may ask to which I’d respond; absolutely NOT but you get the picture, right? The suggestion from this end is to try and study this phenomenon and find a cure from it if we are serious about preserving our values to allow our Democracy to Evolve rather than Devolve; something that cannot happen without restoring integrity/ethics into politics;  Yes I am no American but as a Brit I can assure you we have the same disasters at this side of the Atlantic and if in doubt please have a peek at the occupant of No. 10 Downing Street; we’re still trying to figure out: Who the hell is that! Will keep you posted when we’re sure. Enjoy this short story.

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