A BREXIT Nugget: I Urge the Queen to Intervene

This is my second appeal for Her Majesty the Queen to intervene through guidance and/or action in a political crisis not just because of the entirely broken political system we see today in Britain but more importantly because this system now seems to be burning Parliament and subsequently the entire country. I would of course understand that this intervention should be backed with legal advice, and I understand that political interference by the monarch is not to be taken lightly nor should be the norm, but these are unprecedented times that require an unconventional approach and with every passing day our divisions are being exasperated by a bunch of lets say “unconventional” politicians, and that’s putting it mildly to the extent that my head is about to burst. We need a uniting figure and have needed that it for some time now as I mentioned in previous posts – but we are where we are and we need to help resolve this nugget so we can move on and begin swiftly the recovery mode and fixing a political system that is no longer fit for purpose. Surely it is not right to wait for the house to entirely collapse before taking action; every passing day a main pillar of this Disunited Kingdom is being systematically destroyed and we don’t know which one will cause the entire house to collapse – so we’re sitting on a time bomb here. The approach in my opinion should be allowing the people a direct say on the existing deal or whatever deal comes out of the negotiations with a no deal exit as another option; this considering where we are in a flawed process that began through divisive rhetoric by putting us in separate/isolated iron cages to distort our views/ability to assess the options based on merits of the argument rather than pure emotions and narrow ideological motivations  – a process mired with Disinformation, Political Interference and Mismanagement; this of course not to mention what we’ve learned so far about our options and the realities around us. It would also be preferable that a People’s Vote is preceded by an expert/unbiased and simplified review of the options by experts to filter out the divisive politics/disinformation that has been driving us to where we are right now so people can make a choice based on Clarity NOT Confusion; but that’s my opinion. What’s more important is that we need a solution that is sustainable and works for the future of this nation and the new generations.

I hope this lonely voice is heard; anybody there?

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