Boris Johnson Delivers Terminators, Chicken & Liver to the UN

A bizarre embarrassing speech delivered by an equally bizarre embarrassing person representing this country in front of the nations of the world in one of the most influential international organisations we have…does it get any better than this, I think NOT. Oh, boris I really wish you had kept your hand on your mouth at the UN like in this photo to leave us some level of pride/leverage that’s been developed by good hard working civil servants through decades of effort. The question is why the hell are we doing this to ourselves and how did we get here? The answer it turns out is actually pretty simple at the core because it is the same governance model used by repressive regimes all over the world; the model of fear tactics that force us to distort every sense of value we’ve ever believed in to select “terminators” who seek to impose narrow ideologies whether they themselves have been known to subscribe to them or not – merely for the sake of maintaining power and the backing of a few power brokers.

My suggestion is for all of us to put good old boris out of his misery (and ours) by “terminating” his premiership and offering a bowl of warm chicken/liver soup to calm him down, how about that, are we game?

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