A BREXIT Nugget: Attorney General Geoffrey Cox Talks Turkey to Parliament While the Flock of Chickens he represents Take Every Curve to Hijack the Future of this Country

Strong words from the attorney General to the British parliament today not just in words and in tone. But then accusing them as cowards is first of all disgusting but follows the pattern of divisive politics they master but so far with little result. More importantly however how the hell does have the guts to stand up there accusing members of being cowards when it is him and his flock of chickens that have done all possible to hijack the BREXIT process by;

  1. Negotiating deals/making assessments in the dark behind closed doors
  2. Taking every opportunity to restrain parliament in performing it’s duty of oversight
  3. Taking every possible curve to bypass the People’s vote on the existing deal
  4. Shutting down parliament for political convenience and misleading HM in the process (and on his own watch)

So I would recommend mr. attorney general – not to talk much at least publicly about cowardliness and integrity because you really look foolish – and the louder you are the worse it gets. In fact you shouldn’t even be allowed closer than a 20 mile radius from parliament and I hope that in the near future you and your master are first/foremost held legally accountable for misleading HM and shutting down parliament then hopefully both of you can gracefully bite the dust, so to speak of course; and I am open as to the sequence of these 2 things happening.

Have a nice day and remember/remind your flock of feeding time.

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