Trump Impeachment Inquiry & Supreme Court Ruling Prorogation Unlawful in One Day; What….Is It Christmas Already??

Just a few hours after the Supreme Court ruling in the UK that the prorogation of parliament was unlawful, Nancy Pelosi in the United States announces a formal Impeach Inquiry of Donald Trump; well that’s the kind of Transatlantic Partnership I am all for. So finally the cousins Mr. Hair Overdo and Mr. Hair Underdo will be facing the music at the same time; I think there’s a potential for a meaningful relationship here. I know I shouldn’t really gloat….but then again I’ll do it anyway considering how they’ve abused/undermined and made a mockery of our Democracy/Values that’s taken generations to build/defend.

As for the impeachment inquiry part the battle just begins here because we can make a wild guess the Trump Party (formerly known as the Republican Party or GOP) will do all possible to torpedo the inquiry as they’ve done in previous hearings including the last one with Corey Lewandowski. The key is to have established rules in running the inquiry and ensure it’s Apolitical, Substantive and Fair; a good start would be to again utilise the services of legal counsel for the House Judiciary Committee Mr. Barry Berke a professional prosecutor who’s done a brilliant job in the Lewandowski hearing – obviously regulations permitting.

Anyway, a good day for Democracy all round and hoping for plenty more to come.

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