A BREXIT Nugget: Parliament Suspension Unlawful the Supreme Court Rules

I am absolutely delighted that the Supreme Court has essentially backed previous ruling by the Scottish Court of Session that parliament prorogation has been unlawful; one spark of light in the dark/stinky BREXIT tunnel we’ve been sleep walking through during the past few years; there’s plenty more to do but that’s a good start. However we need not loose sight of a few fundamental questions about how we go here including;

  1. Does it make sense in this day-and-age that there is no proactive mechanism that provides a judicial oversight in situations of constitutional crisis. In other words what would happen had the plaintiffs not put forth these legal challenges? What legal protections do we have as ordinary citizens where we do not have the sufficient resources nor time for that matter to make such a challenge? This cannot be right, can it?
  2. If it is true that the HM the Queen was indeed ill-advised as it currently appears, how is it there was no effort by HM to get independent advise knowing as all do the political shenanigans of BREXIT and how this/previous government have done all possible to hijack the process? This is NOT rocket science and it does not require any political genius that HM should have sought independent advice knowing full well the situation we’re in, and as a matter of fact should have made some effort much earlier on to set some boundaries to ensure the process is fair/transparent from the outset with the understanding that these are unprecedented times that require some level of guidance. I’ve written a post or 2 on the subject so will not repeat here.

Anyway, one good day for Britain and hoping for more to come.

Resumption NOT Recall of the House of Commons – Well done again Speaker Bercow

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