A Revealing Conversation with a Political Party Official

A few weeks ago I was approached by a political party official in my local area who made an interesting proposition – I am not going to name the party or the individual because its pretty much irrelevant to the point I am making. The proposition was simply that they would like me to apply to become a parliamentary candidate for the party for our region, a proposition I declined considering the flawed process I went through with the party in 2015 the last time around, but that’s not the story just the context. During the conversation this individual suggested that my multiethnic background would make me an ideal proposition for the party – and that in a nutshell is the story; which is that people with multiethnic background are caught in the middle of 2 competing forces; 1 seeking to alienate them by far right ideologues and the other wants to use them as a tool for purely – or largely – political ends to make a political statement. At the time I heard this proposition and to be honest this comment went right over my head completely but thinking back to that moment this seems to be a consistent pattern not just in British politics but we also see that game played all the time in current U.S government politics and I am sure in other countries as well. In brief we need to start being conscious of these attitudes – harmless as they may seem sometimes – because in this specific instance I have no reason to believe this was intended as a personal attack of any sort but merely a flawed attitude that undermines our values as a multiethnic/diverse society and undermines our ability to hire people purely based on talent/expertise; in other words we need to become colour blinded in our attitudes because integration is key to the success of this nation. As for politicians or individuals who know they are being used in this manner yet seek to play the game for personal ambitions let me suggest that they are making a grave mistake and they’ll eventually discover sooner or later that personal integrity is by far the only game in town that matters both on a personal level and also as a matter of national interest in setting the direction of this nations future.

Just a thought.

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