A BREXIT Nugget: Jeremy Corbyn is Totally Confused and Here’s Why….(UPDATED)

Watching this interview in the tweet below with Jeremy Corbyn is quite revealing about this man in so many ways but the most important of them is this; it proves without a shadow of doubt that this man has No Vision, No Leadership, No Political Integrity and most definitely no understanding of how politics works; in other words the man is in it for purely personal political ambition rather than vision/values and at this stage in our history this translates to a disaster considering the fact that he represents the main opposition party in this country which is precisely why we are where we are with this BREXIT shambles. His rather stupid idea that as a political leader you cannot hold a specific view on a major policy matter is beyond absurd, so let me try and help you out with a tip or two Mr. Corbynremember it’s never too late to learn right; you are confused between the right/need as a leader of having a view on a policy matter and the need for a compromise process that puts the country first whether it be agreeing to allow people to have their voices heard or some other approach; in other words you can/should state/articulate both the view/vision for BREXIT.


Let me tell you Mr. Corbyn and with all due respect; it is truly astonishing to see someone like your good self in charge of the main opposition party with such an approach – there is term for your approach which I will not use here – at such a critical time of our political history, which is precisely why I wrote the post below about the dire need for a new political party in this country.

We are in every sense of the word in Dire Straits (and I don’t mean the rock band though the term rock may well prove to be where the country is heading) as a nation and I hope we can overcome this situation sooner than soon if there is such a thing.

Mind you I am NOT at all surprised by the attitude of Jeremy Corbyn or Labour Party leadership – though this term is a bit of a stretch in this context; I’ve talked plenty in previous posts about the gigantic/made to measure Table designed specifically to hold all their so called “Options”; not only do they spread them, they stack them too – WOW there’s creativity for you! So if Jeremy Corbyn was somehow successful in fooling some of his MP’s – and please don’t ask me how – he’s certainly not fooling me nor many others in this country.

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