The Need for a New Party to Set a New Template/Trajectory for Change

With every passing day of this BREXIT saga I am slowly/surely beginning to feel that with a broken political system we have and the absolute useless political parties who continue to play politics-as-usual from far right to far left to some just dangling in the middle what we need is a new political party; please review my previous post below for relevant comments related to this subject so I’ll not rehash here. Here is a broad outline of the party I am proposing;

  1. A party that is genuine/honest about representing the people of this country not special interest/lobbyists or narrow ideologies that serve the political elite and when push comes to shove where national interest is at stake does all possible to ensure that the public’s voice is heard directly/unfiltered.
  2. A party that is intent on reaching out/NOT shutting out people of diverse opinions to ensure there is clarity/unity as much as possible on issues of national interest and where there are differences they are NOT being exasperated/used for purely political gains.
  3. A party with the confidence to work in the light of day in terms of maximising transparency whether in policy positions or where there are mistakes made and how they are rectified.
  4. A party that does all possible to prevent importing foreign conflicts into our political eco system whether by allowing internal party groupings that support nations on different sides of a foreign conflicts (like some) or politicians participating in/collaborating with lobbying organisations – political, religious or otherwise – or actively lobbying themselves for these organisations and/or foreign nations thus undermining hard earned national values/interests that should be the only drivers of policy.
  5. A party that recognises that changes in our communities in terms of cultural/religious diversity should be viewed as a strength not a weakness and multiculturalism as but one of the cornerstones in building a progressive/forward think/open society; this while developing a more effective immigration policy that promotes NOT distorts our identity/value base.
  6. A party leading the way in putting forth a detailed/bold plan for reforming our political eco system to make it more effective and less vulnerable to external influence/corruption; this while ensuring it is fit for purpose and is allowed to evolve deliberately as we continue to adapt/change through time/experiences otherwise Democracy stagnates as we see today.
  7. A party keen to work/collaborate with other parties with the focus on reaching compromise particularly on issues of national importance – a new way to do politics based on ethics & political integrity.
  8. A party where policy formulation is decentralised/grass root driven through regional representation which more involved in setting the direction of party policy not the top-down approach that we see in many parties today where a party is transformed into a private bureaucracy as opposed to the government bureaucracy.
  9. A party that is outward/global looking in action NOT rhetoric and understand that Foreign Policy in this day and age is a subject matter of critical importance to any nation; where clear policy/views on key foreign conflicts/issues are necessary and where political engagement with foreign actors/institutions is key to developing political leverage in a complex/inter-connected world we live in.
  10. A party keen to develop/build future leaders through internal training programs for members, while ensuring that the new generation is well represented in policy formulation and that there is equal opportunity for all to contribute in policy, vision and to lead in key party roles.
  11. A party that is keen to constantly engage with the public from all sides of the political landscape to ensure clarity of message, exchange of ideas and evaluation of party policy through forums that allow a 2 way communication.
  12. A party led by qualified experts in charge of key policy areas who are not only keen to articulate a vision on these issues but also to develop a knowledge base through a systematic process that ensures data sources are properly assessed/evaluated to reach objective conclusions.
  13. A party squarely focused on vision/pragmatic solutions rather than punch lines, divisive politics, narrow ideologies or membership count (like some); always putting national/public interest before party interest.
  14. A party keen to systematically evaluate it’s own performance at every level to resolve challenges or find opportunities to learn new ways of operating both effectively/efficiently including important areas such as; policy formulation, internal standards/regulations and political campaigning.

I am all for that and more than happy to support such an effort if there is sufficient backing for the idea. This is no longer about BREXIT but about our future irrespective of the outcome of BREXIT because in all cases we need to see/feel change and this ain’t happening without a new challenger appearing on the scene that is keen/willing to put forth a viable template for change and lead in that direction. Unfortunately when you’re part of an existing party culture – closed party culture which is in the majority of cases with a set of figures that control the system either deliberately or in the name of experience – change doesn’t come easy but is considered a threat or misdirection from the outset; so if we’re planning to sit/wait for change to finally come or even be considered, well let me tell you from experience of waiting since 2006 being a Liberal Democrats member it will take plenty of time and unfortunately time is no longer a luxury we can afford at this stage; what do you think? I personally am the last one to call for a new party – an idea I pretty discounted in an older post because it was seen by some as a solution for BREXIT – but that solution was flawed from the outset if for nothing than being a reactionary proposition dealing with the symptom rather than cause and here I am entirely focused on the cause.

Some of course will shrug this idea as a non-traditional way to do politics, and to them I would only respond with; thank you.

May you have a great weekend with no politics whatsoever…..Ooops 🙁

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