Jo Swinson Posturing for the Premiership but Based on What?

I just had the opportunity – though somehow now I wish it was a missed opportunity – to listen to the speech of Jo Swinson at the Liberal Democrats party conference; to be more accurate I listened to part of her speech and to be honest I could not bare listening beyond the point where she put herself forward for the role of Prime Minister come next elections; it’s at that point that my head explodedin a manner of speaking you understand 🙂 So let me make a few comments to Jo Swinson whom I voted for to become leader of the party but it seems that now we have the answer to the question I put forth when she was elected leader in this post; it’s indeed a Care Taker leader now in charge of the party not the Visionary I was hoping for. So here goes;


With all due respect I think the term Leader has become increasingly a cheap offering nowadays considering the experiences of the last 3 years where we seem to be trapped in the “Accidental Leader” closed cycle which is precisely why the entire political eco system that’s crashing now needs changing. In my humble opinion you need to have accomplished something special to aspire for a leadership role; winning party election or witnessing an increase in membership/new entrants who left other parties is not it. Remember Boris Johnson and Theresa May achieved premiership but failed miserably and a big part of their failure is their obsession with ego/power rather than the good of the nation. The real difference between you and these two – I won’t mention Jeremy Corbyn here because we’ve yet to establish what he wants out of life let alone BREXIT – is that they want one thing and you want the complete opposite. A true leader on the other hand – in my opinion anyway – would want to earn his position and premiership would not be his main focus in the first place but rather the passion to achieve a vision would be his/her main driver. But before you get too excited about your vision let me suggest that the only vision that I can think of worthy of a true leader for this country at this precise moment in our history is one that is entirely focused on Compromise/National Unity for the sake of the nation NOT for party politics. A true leader at time of political crisis would not talk of premiership ambitions to achieve purely political ends but would work tirelessly to achieve those 2 things mentioned above and to come with a new vision while carrying not just the party with him/her but the entire country; in other words it’s ain’t about being a leader but about acting like one particularly at time of crisis and leading the way not following the path – we don’t need a Remain Leader or a BREXIT Leader we need a National Leader with the ability to carry the entire country; from BREXIT land to Remain Land to La La land so this EXIT BREXIT strategy ain’t worth a dime and cripples your ability from the start line if you ever get there. I would also encourage you – or your team – to review some of the relevant posts below; they may give ideas or may well just be a complete/utter waste of time.

Again I wish you well but let me tell you that if I continue to see the party making all the wrong moves in these difficult times, I am sure you won’t miss 1 off your membership list with the great peak in numbers/flashy new entrants the party is witnessing. This country is in desperate need for a centrist/pragmatic party that does not play politics at a time of national crisis but rather seeks to unite & work across party lines to achieve compromise while ensuring people rights are protected in making key decisions that affect their future.

Hope that makes sense.

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