boris johnson Promises to Accelerate Efforts to Reach a Deal

That’s one of the main headlines on BREXIT today. So what exactly has he been doing since he was placed ever so gently in No. 10 Downing street by the mob in the form of a political party. Did he think he was merely crashing out at No. 10 because remember bj sooner or later you will be held accountable for squandering time/resources and the clock has been ticking for a while now. He also needs to understand – or at least try hard to understand – that stupid excuses are also counted as wasted time/resources like the one childish excuse of putting the cart before the horse (i.e. the EU first needs to drop the backstop, then we think of alternatives) or the utter incompetence of not producing formal written alternatives for the backstop during his recent trip like a lazy child who misses to do his homework and yet is happy to waste his pocket money on rubbish only here it’s our money; I cannot for the life of understand someone with this level of incompetence/ignorance to be in charge of a nation developed or underdeveloped for that matter but that’s another story altogether. Another important question that will need to be asked if BREXIT is allowed to happen in this precise manner being carried out is the level of legal challenges anticipated against the flawed process that would get us BREXIT and the consequences for the level of incompetence of the British so called ‘government’ – in mismanaging it where both businesses and individuals will inevitable be affected whether it concerns delays or lack or clarity of outcome and delayed/insufficient information/prudent policy and processes to deal with effects; this not to mention the EU itself which could also consider it’s own options based on similar grounds; so in short there is plenty in the way of steep curves ahead that no one can really predict the complete picture when it comes to ramifications of this BREXIT. The one thing I would predict coming out of this mess is the overhaul of political parties in this country which can be a good thing only if they are part of a more comprehensive overhaul of our political system which has now become not fit for purpose. Of course one of the biggest challenges of any such change is the traditionalist establishment as anywhere in the world but particularly in this country where they have been masters of the policy game for far too long; just ask Sir Humphrey Appleby; and if you don’t know Sir Humphrey Appleby I would respectfully suggest that you should if you want to understand challenges in the way of the overhaul; but then again that’s one challenger I love watching so no complaints about him from this end 🙂

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