A BREXIT Nugget: The Liberal Democrats – The Party of Missed Opportunities

Now it’s official; the Liberal Democrats are the NO-BREXIT Party in the same way the Conservatives are the BREXIT Party in much the same way that Labour is the Flip-Flop Party. The question is who is with compromise and letting the people decide. You might say it’s the Liberal Democrats of course; but unfortunately with all this political posturing the call for a People’s Vote has all but been diluted/undermined because calling for it for any other reason than protecting Democracy as a matter of pure principle does nothing to serve the cause but rather it undermines the cause and exacerbates division rather than being a model for compromise/unity; a flawed strategy that undercuts recent political gains achieved by the party. This party decision was also backed by former leader Vince Cable; but then again no change there as it was his own approach as leader to lead from behind, so nothing new on offer there.  I can of course understand the party having a solid view on BREXIT – that I respect; but at this most divisive moment in our history usual politics should be set aside for the good of the country – and the only good the country expects at a moment like this moment is true leadership that seeks to unite and protect our Democracy; pure and simple it’s just that the far right is blurring the picture and driving us towards the far left because they know that gives them the edge. I voted for Jo Swinson as a new young leader for a reason but have yet to see the new vision I was expecting. I will still support Jo Swinson but I truly hope she stops following the same old paths of the past that prevented the party of being electable and let me remind her that bragging about new entrants and membership numbers is one thing but being electable as a party is quite a different matter altogether; remember we’ve been counting numbers for as long as I can remember and look where we ended up (or rather ended down).  Let’s try to be consistently more Strategic, more Clever and more Principled in our approach, may be that will help. 

Of course I might be wrong but so far so good.

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