A BREXIT Nugget: The 1 Million Dollar Question for boris johnson after the Luxembourg Meetings

Let me spare you the 10 page post I would have like write about the disgust I feel from the meeting of young boris today in Luxembourg or talk of any politics whatsoever BREXIT or NO BREXIT. What we’ve witnessed today in Luxembourg is an incompetent child single handedly dragging the reputation of a nation through mud with his astonishing level unpreparedness / incompetence, ignorance and disrespect to protocol only matched by his American twins. We really need to understand/appreciate – and ignoring anything to do with BREXIT – that the reputation of nation is the main driving factor for leadership/influence on the world stage and has a tremendous financial value. However with this level of incompetence on display in Luxembourg today what is happening is that this precious reputation that’s taken generations to build and where people have sacrificed their lives to protect is being systematically/intricately dismantled at every level, and yet these same people are promising us the moon post BREXIT but like this governments exchanges with the EU on the back stop these are verbal promises you understand, while everything in ink points to the opposite trajectory.

But ignoring for a moment the raw/unfiltered populism/superiority complex that has in effect hijacked a country I am only interested in asking a single question to young boris, so here goes;

Dear boris “Oh Dear!” boris

If you are intent on dragging your feet in negotiations with the EU in order to deliver a NO-DEAL BREXIT why not just stay home, shut up and kill time? In other words; why waste time/resources both for the EU and for this country with all the travel arrangements and wasted effort involved?

Just consider if you will the tremendous benefits had you decided to stay home wiggling your toes;

  1. There was a chance some in the EU who don’t know you may have thought you’re clever to get where you are or at least would have held judgement. What’s that old latin saying Sir Humphrey:
  2. The precious little that’s left of this country’s pride/reputation with this BREXIT shambles would have been maintained.
  3. You would have managed to continue your NO-DEAL BREXIT path that you promised your mob without moving a muscle – and if you think you’ve managed to give the impression that you’re working hard for a deal with this performance even during the BBC interview, well……that would lead me to yet another question; what the hell have you been smoking?

So to be brief boris you’ve been an unparalleled disaster for this country since your first day at No. 10 but today as if by magic right out of the hat you’ve managed to double that record (truly the Hulk you inspire to be) – so it is quite an achievement, and hey look we’re NOT even post BREXIT yet.Wow!!!! But then again and in all fairness to your good self with a performance like the one you achieved today I wouldn’t be surprised if your own EXIT actually beats the BREXIT deadline of the 31st of October – you deserve nothing less my friend. Wishful thinking, perhaps but then again maybe NOT.


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