A Weekend BREXIT Nugget: boris wants NO Extension and I do so Agree

In the article below there is indication that good old boris will be heading to Brussels tomorrow with a simple message; NO Extension. Now I really thought this day would never come because I genuinely believed that it is one of the signs of the end of the world but here goes; hey boris, long time no see but I do so agree. As I mentioned in the previous post an extension is a failure and only prolongs the agony of this country. We cannot keep kicking the can down the road because for this country we are reaching the end of the road and we need to see action taken now – yesterday would have been better. There is a clear way out of this mess – the People’s Vote then a General Election (in that order) – and if we do not focus on this and this alone or we’re too blind to see it and come up with nothing but the easy route out by planning for yet another redirection that prolongs the journey further without a plan then we might as well hit dust. Remember no extension is guaranteed to solve this nugget and we need to move on and so frankly is EU itself which is probably more keen to move on from this BREXIT saga that has done nothing but undermine it’s leadership, hurt it’s agenda and continues to hurt/undermine our relationship with it. In other words and to be brief; politicians need to start taking action and the responsibility that comes with it; if good old boris is intent on a NO-DEAL BREXIT and truly has the guts to take the “kick back” on offer from this decision why wait till the 31st of October in the first place or at least have the courage to state this intention of a non-negotiable path towards BREXIT but I suspect he’s all fluff. As for all other parties they need to start focusing on the end game not hot air politics that achieves nothing to end this saga. For starters Labour’s “All Options on the Table” strategy (or more like tragedy) needs to be transformed to 1 Option on the table (NOT even 2) because this is the moment for that old saying; Either Put Up or Shut Up.

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