Weekend Spy Stories & Compromised Leadership

Here is interesting analysis by Rachel Meadow of MSNBC of a recent murder in Berlin with suspicion pointing to Russian government involvement and the link back to the Sergei Skripal attack in the UK in early 2018 and the US election hacking of 2016. Fascinating stories that all point to big vulnerabilities both on the national security front but more importantly on the political front where Democratic systems are being challenged/abused/undermined by both internal/external power brokers. It is in moments like this that we need to do something I have eluded to in many of my posts – stop looking at the details and start zooming out to get a sense of the big picture in order to come up with appropriate solutions which in my mind points to 3 specific/urgent actions required;

  1. Developing Political Defences: We need to be more smart about ensuring our political eco system is more effective in dealing with abuse/corruption that introduce vulnerabilities in the system including susceptibility to compromised leadership and a review of the vetting process is a big part of this change. In other words we should stop focusing entirely on security as a first line of defence when it should actually be the last line of defence because if we have political vulnerabilities no defence action/s will be sufficient or effective.
  2. Bolder Countermeasures: We need more effective/clear set of  incremental/sustainable countermeasures that are applied in concert with our allies/partners and they need to be applied rather swiftly where adversaries become bold in their actions or partners that continue to abuse our values.
  3. Build/Strengthen Bridges with Allies NOT Destroy Them: The current rise of populism is the single biggest threat that we face today and one that is by design a self-defeating ideology that does nothing but develops/enhances the vulnerabilities from within. It is this precise reason why the Russian government as well as the rogue leaders around the world are becoming more bolder in their actions to hijack the World Order which is breaking down because it has not adapted to changing times. In other words we need to STOP the 18th century ideology that’s taken control of our politics as if 2 World Wars and a Cold War never actually happened and no lessons learned. This is why I believe BREXIT is a pointless/self-defeating strategy and Covfefe is just pointless.

Seems to me that we’ve spared no effort in building Democracy but spared little effort in developing it’s internal protective infrastructure both in terms of Political/Security Vulnerabilities and Complacency/Over-Confidence.

Anyway, hope you find this clip useful and have a great weekend.

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