A BREXIT Nugget: Sealed with a Kiss

The politics of BREXIT evolves; it seems that now there is talk of good old boris considering a having a deal with the EU after all. Who knows; may be it is the image of that gorgeous  Yellowhammer is finally having an effect when considering; hey, that thing can really hurt! But of course there is no one to keep him company because Parliament has been sealed with a kiss and so it seems are the British people; everyone speaks on their behalf and stands up for them but them. This is why I repeat yet again that this BREXIT fix will not be resolved before the People have their say irrespective of their views. The mob in charge of this country may well want us to focus on the NHS or school funding rather than BREXIT but it’s like you’re with a lunatic driving a car at 300 miles an hour and he asks you to focus on what you want to have for lunch at the destination; really??? But when you think about this logically; who in their right mind expects to make a decision on such a critical issue and not expect the blowback from the other end. In other words no political party/leader has any cast iron guarantees that they will come out of this unscathed so the most prudent way out of it is by giving this hot potato back to the the British people to have their say; political support leaders might have now is too fluid to depend on when the XXXX finally hits the fan and if the Yellowhammer is anything to go by there’s plenty of that in the pipeline.  Also note that further delays through more extensions in my book is failure pure/simple because recent experience shows this resolves nothing, wastes plenty and our relationship with the EU continues to suffer even further while they continue to suffer internally by having a flawed/toxic process undermine their own integrity and leadership.   

As for the EU I have one small comment; some of the EU leaders have recently been putting out comments in social media about the British position including shutting down parliament and pushing for a No-Deal BREXIT among others yet when it comes to the People’s right to vote on the existing deal voices have been mostly mute even during the reign of theresa may. When we talk of defending Democracy as a matter of principle – the expectation from this end was that there would be a view stated/repeated similar to the views on other matters mentioned above or even more formal – a view that is unfiltered/clear about the EU’s position with regards to the British government’s efforts to suppress the People’s right to vote on the deal, after all many of us still consider themselves British & EU citizens up to this point. More importantly the consistency/clarity of the EU’s approach in managing BREXIT – will very likely have both internal ramifications and in the way it is perceived around the world in terms of values & leadership at least in the short-medium term until this page is finally turned; it is certainly a learning curve but the important thing is that the right lessons are learnt particularly about how we got here and the response adopted.   

Just a thought.

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