A BREXIT Nugget: The Story of The Yellowhammer with Andrea Leadsom

Here is the short story of the Yellowhammer;

You may well be Hammered but why on earth would you want to know about it in advance? How about some tea instead or a few pints if you prefer!

An incredible interview – link below –  with Andrea Leadsom Secretary of State for Business which starts of her dubious claim about the absolute transparency of the British government. Then as if by pure magic before we even start to challenge this absurd claim she makes the point that the public don’t really need to know about BREXIT scenarios in the so called (with the name so telling) Yellowhammer documents for fear of concerning people; in other words lets all sleepwalk gently towards the BREXIT doors and worry about nothing and rest assured we’ll serve you breakfast next morning. Really? Is this your lesson on Transparency & projecting the BREXIT Confidence you have? Oh Andrea Leadsom, I cannot for the life of me comprehend that you are a member of parliament in what’s supposed to be a Western Democracy or at least an ongoing project in this direction. I can of course understand that you are driven by an ideology or maybe just pure political ambition, but that should NOT translate to dragging everyone in that same direction without providing them the information they need to assess their options and the direction of the country; you are confusing – either deliberately or ignorantly – Security/Cobra matters with a matters of Policy – and a very consequential one at that; so this mode of secrecy for the good of the public makes Zero sense if try hard to think about it; did you get there yet??

What is remarkable that all this hot air coming out of the alt-right government is really just that hot air; 

  • they talk of defending our Democracy yet they’re constantly abusing every hard earned value of Democracy we’ve ever know, 
  • they talk of defending the people from Parliament yet they’re doing everything to bypass the will of the people on an existing deal with one hand while shutting down parliament with the other 
  • they talk of taking back control from the EU where we currently as a member have political/economic leverage while they should know well they’ll be giving that same control to other countries at a point when we cannot afford any leverage to control anything – including immigration which was nothing but a policy failure that should/could be fixed.  
  • they talk of the Remain elitists while they’re more than happy working with unaccountable power brokers/lobbyists (internal/external) to push the country toward extreme politics that only favours a few

But let repeat as I’ve been for the last few years; all these political shenanigans will not resolve BREXIT because the People’s Vote is the only way out even when talking effective political strategy; and the expectation from this end is that accountability for wasted time/effort and resources for these shenanigans will eventually kick in.  

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