A BREXIT Nugget: Parliament Suspension Unlawful – Scottish Court Unanimously Decides

Three judges at Scotland’s highest court of appeal have ruled that the UK government’s decision to shut down Parliament – known as prorogation – is unlawful. Well there is certainly damage that’s already been done so the obvious course of action is to limit it; so Well Done to the cross-party group that made the legal challenge and their brilliant legal team. Now however this ruling has to mean something, primarily the reversal of the decision but following on from that there needs to be legal/political accountability to the mob that triggered this suspension. As I mentioned in previous posts Democracy needs to have teeth to survive and legal protections are but 1 fundamental factor in this equation.

Anyway I hope this will be the first of many urgent steps of taking back control from a bunch of fringe politicians that have hijacked this nation for far too long. On the other hand let’s NOT go from extreme Right to extreme Left and ensure that the focus is NOT on BREXIT or EXIT BREXIT but rather on protecting our Democracy through a People’s Vote, NOT playing the alt-right policy of division.

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