A BREXIT Nugget: “Resthouse of Commons” Now Open Until October 13 – Places Unlimited

This day will be recorded in the history books as one of the lowest points for this country and it should always be remembered as 1 thing and 1 thing only; the extent to which Democracy can be abused by fringe politics/politicians. This is not only about a pride of a nation but also about what we project in terms of values/leadership around the world. Decades of hard work in building these core foundations has been – with a Royal Seal of approval mind you – damaged to an extent that it will take generations to rebuild. A time for reflection in this country is long overdue. With that said I still believe that with talents and dedication we have in this country all we need is for a pragmatic leader to help unite us so we can cross this bridge and begin the steep climb from this dump that we’ve reached and which should serve as hard earned lesson for future generations which we pass onto them with a small footnote saying; “hey, we’ve messed up big time….sorry about that…..cheers”.

Well Done/Well Said Mr. Speaker John Bercow

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