A BREXIT Nugget: An Appeal to the Liberal Democrats if They’d Care to Listen

Now I’ve been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2005 – with a short break in between – and I’ve always supported their vision despite not necessarily backing their EXIT BREXIT strategy of leading from behind (behind the votes/membership numbers that is) post the 2016 flawed Referendum and the equally flawed process that followed. With the new leadership of Jo Swinson I am hoping for a new approach in dealing with this BREXIT nugget but what I am reading is that she is on course for campaigning to revoke article 50; in other words the same old EXIT BREXIT approach that does nothing but exacerbate existing divisions in the country. The party in my personal opinion should stop adopting the Politics as Usual approach on this matter because this is a different moment in our history where we are in desperate need for compromise and more importantly we need to protect our sinking Dimocracy by backing a People’s Vote on the existing deal periodno if’s or but’s. This in my view is a great opportunity for the party to demonstrate leadership/vision NOT just about BREXIT but more importantly about defending/upholding our Democratic values and ensuring people’s right to have their final say on the deal whatever it may be as the only approach to unite/heal the nation.

I would therefore urge the approach of adopting long term Intelligent Politics rather than short term Reactionary Politics to rule the day – there’s never been a more consequential moment that requires this strategy and it is a win-win proposition in the long run both for party and for country.

Anybody listening???   

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