Well Done Mr. John Bercow, You’ve Done Us Proud!

Let me just pay tribute in my own small way to Speaker of the House John Bercow who has announced today that he’ll be stepping down as Speaker shortly though date pretty much depends on the politics as usual of the British Parliament. But ignoring that let me just say that as an outsider looking in I’ve always been impressed by his strong presence and more importantly his integrity as a key figure in Parliament. He’s been humorous, gracious, combative but above all a he’s been a decent/honourable man who never shied away from defending our values as a country; one who has served it exceptionally well in his role as Speaker of the House and considering the rocky times we live today this in itself speaks volumes about his character and ethos. The only hope now is that he does continue to contribute through his vast expertise particularly in the area of policy formulation and parliamentary regulations, ethics and accountability so that these area’s evolve because I fear that the political eco system has become stagnant for far too long as we’ve been witnessing through this BREXIT saga. We need to ensure we learn the hard lessons of the present/past and the most important one is to no longer take our Democratic credentials for granted because they’re NOT guaranteed unless the system is allowed to evolve in a deliberate/systematic manner but also with the understanding that it all starts with family & education.

Anyway Mr. Bercow may I wish you and your family all the very best of future and the hope/expectation from this end is that you continue to help us balance the politics of this country once again and make it fit for purpose.

Finally let me just say that I was quite disappointed by the commotion in Parliament during part of his speech today; I guess discipline is one of the lessons some MP’s have yet to master which to me projects lack of respect for Parliament by people who treat it as a casual gathering – a lesson I hope for the near future.

PS: Hope you all enjoy my interpretation of one his popular online photo above.


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